Cities Have Taken the Lead in Regulating Driverless Vehicles

Cities Are Making The Rules On Driverless Cars

Source: Brooks Rainwater and Nicole DuPuis
Affiliation: Bloomberg CityLab

This article describes how cities, rather than federal or state governments, have taken the lead on autonomous vehicle regulation. The article notes that there are a number of ways that cities are shaping the way we think about deploying autonomous vehicles, and highlights Arlington, Texas and Chandler, Arizona as two example cities. Arlington is piloting an autonomous shuttle on roads closed to other traffic with the goal of better understanding AV technology and how it might fit into Arlington's landscape, increased opportunity for public engagement and education by familiarizing residents with autonomous vehicles, and positioning Arlington as an innovative city. Meanwhile, in Chandler, autonomous vehicles are present all across the city and in neighboring jurisdictions. 

Keywords: Computer Science , Self-Driving Cars , Tech Ethics