Existentialist Praxis Beyond Marxist Idealism, or: How Can Sartre Help Us Today?


Source: Maximilian Ringleb
Affiliation: Columbia University

In this blog post in Columbia Law's Critique, Ringleb argues that Sartre's notion of seriality, or the formation of in-groups based on common situations, may be a more effective existentialist praxis than idealistic Marxist notions of collective organizing. These serially-formed groups would burst into existence based on temporary, clearly defined common goals, and would fade away when no longer needed. This is more effective, Ringleb argues, than creating a more permanent standing organization such as a Communist Party, which is liable to produce and exacerbate divisions among its members.


Image Credit: "1946 Jean-Paul Sartre, Paris" by urcameras is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Keywords: Community , Existentialism , Karl Marx , Philosophy , Politics , Rights