How to Find Fulfilling Work


Source: The School of Life
Affiliation: YouTube Channel

This short video from "The School of Life" offers a framework and practical tips for finding work that is fulfilling, not merely financially sustainable. Based on the ideas of Roman Krznaric, the creators of the video emphasize the role of finding work that is meaningful, and that gives one's life purpose. At the same time, it suggests that these expectations are distinctively modern, shaped in part by markets that allow for workers' preferences to play a larger role in determining their work. Finally, it examines the ways in which those markets might also (at times) frustrate the very preferences they give rise to.

From the channel's description: The School of Life is a collective of psychologists, philosophers and writers devoted to helping people lead calmer and more resilient lives. We share ideas on how to understand ourselves better, improve our relationships, take stock of our careers and deepen our social connections - as well as find serenity and grow more confident in facing challenges

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