Loving Your Job Is a Capitalist Trap

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Source: Erin A. Cech
Affiliation: The Atlantic

In this article, Erin A. Cech claims that the pandemic forced Americans to reflect on their satisfaction with their work lives, prompting a "Great Resignation" that saw many workers pursue new passions. Cech defines the "passion principle" as "the prioritization of fulfilling work even at the expense of job security or a decent salary." Cech goes on to explain that this attitude poses existential risks as well, and that it does not address what often makes work feel intolerable in the first place. Cech concludes that work should not be the center of our identity and that we ought to explore our passions outside of the workplace.

Keywords: Alienation , Capitalism , Economy , Exploitation , Happiness , Manipulation , Meaning , Meaning of Work , Philosophy