Reading Quiz 02

Where Do I Want To Work

This reading quiz was used in the Ethical and Professional Issues course in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Notre Dame. The reading quiz covers the following readings:

  • The New Workplace: Where Meaning and Purpose Are More Important Than Ever (Darr)
  • Punching the Clock (from Bullshit Jobs) (Graeber)
  • Join Wall Street. Save the World. (Matthews)
  • The WeWork Documentary Explores a Decade of Delusion (Widdicombe)
  • Airbnb Was Like a Family, Until the Layoffs Started (Griffith)
  • Why is Hiring Broken? It Starts at the Whiteboard. (Larson)
  • Hiring is Broken And Yours Is Too (Prabhakar)
  • Why hiring the 'best' people produces the least creative results (Page)
  • We Hire the Best, Just Like Everyone Else (Atwood)
  • We only hire the trendiest (Luu)

Keywords: Computer Science , Meaning of Work , Tech Ethics , Tech Industry