Reading Quiz 04

More And Faster

This reading quiz for the Ethical and Professional Issue course in Notre Dame's Computer Science and Engineering Department covers the following required readings:

  • Why Are Young People Pretending To Love Work? (Griffith)
  • The Reality of Developer Burnout (Reitz)
  • How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation (Petersen)
  • Workism is Making Americans Miserable (Thompson)
  • Give Up on Work-Life Balance (Khazon)
  • In Silicon Valley, Working 9 to 5 Is For Losers (Lyons)
  • The Work-Family Imbalance (Iyer)
  • Why Tech is the Leading Industry on Parental Leave (Lam)
  • The Case For Doing Nothing (Mecking)
  • After Working at Google, I'll Never Let Myself Love a Job Again (Nietfeld)
  • The Secret History of Women in Coding (Thompson)
  • Why Women Don't Code (Reges)
  • Just Because You Always Hear It, Doesn’t Mean It’s True: Gender Difference Explanations For Disparities in Tech Are Not Supported by Science (The National Center for Women & Information Technology)
  • Why the STEM Gender Gap is Overblown (Cummins)
  • An anonymous response to dangerous FOSS Codes of Conduct (Anonymous)
  • Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google (Conger)
  • Note to employees from CEO Sundar Pichai (Pichai)
  • Political tension at Google is only getting worse (Ghaffary)
  • Why Doesn’t Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders? (Vara)

Keywords: Computer Science , Tech Ethics , Tech Industry