Reading Quiz 06

Big Data Business Plan

This reading quiz from the Ethical and Professional Issues course in Notre Dame's Computer Science and Engineering department covers the following readings:

  • The New Age of Surveillance (McArdle)
  • Welcome to the Age of Privacy Nihilism (Bogost)
  • Why You Should Embrace Surveillance, Not Fight It (Kelly)
  • The Convenience-Surveillance Tradeoff (LaFrance)
  • Adblocking: How About Nah? (Doctorow)
  • Why Using an Ad Blocker Is Stealing (Piltch)
  • Trolls Are Winning the Internet, Technologists Say (LaFrance)
  • Everything is GamerGate (Warzel)
  • How dangerous is cyberbullying? (Beall)
  • From Anon to Alt-Right: The Dangerous Tricksters of 4chan (McNeil)
  • Reconsidering Anonymity in the Age of Narcissism (Coleman)

Keywords: Computer Science , Tech Ethics