Reading Quiz 08


This reading quiz was used in the Ethical and Professional Issues course in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Notre Dame. The reading quiz covers the following readings:

  • How 75 Fascist Activists Were “Red-Pilled” (Evans)
  • How Facebook Hobbled Mark Zuckerberg’s Bid to Get America Vaccinated (Schechner, Horwitz, and Glazer)
  • Photoshop Fantasies (Scheirer)
  • Memes Against Decadence (Douthat)
  • The Children of Pornhub (Kristof)
  • Modern Porn Education Is Totally Unprepared for Modern Porn (Bruenig)
  • OnlyFans Is Not a Safe Platform for ‘Sex Work.’ It’s a Pimp. (MacKinnon)
  • The Internet's public enema No. 1 (Brown)
  • Snuff: Murder and torture on the internet, and the people who watch it (Anderson)

Keywords: Computer Science , Memes , Pornography , Shock Content , Tech Ethics