Reading Quiz 12

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This reading quiz was used in the Ethical and Professional Issues course in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Notre Dame. The reading quiz covers the following readings:

  • American Spies: how we got to mass surveillance without even trying (Farviar)

  • Barr says the US needs encryption backdoors to prevent “going dark.” Um, what? (Gallagher)

  • A Message to Our Customers (Cook)

  • Facebook Knew I Was Gay Before My Family Did (Heaney)

  • Pillar Investigates: USCCB gen sec Burrill resigns after sexual misconduct allegations (The Pillar)

  • Catholic Officials on Edge After Reports of Priests Using Grindr (Stack)

  • The Conscience of a Hacker (The Mentor)

  • Are Hacker Break-Ins Ethical? (Spafford)

  • ‘We Got To Be Cool About This‘: An Oral History of the L0pht, Part 1 (Fisher)

  • The Return of Anoymous (Beran)

  • Group claims to hack NSA-tied hackers, posts exploits as proof (Goodin)

  • Ransomware attacks are getting more complex and even harder to prevent (Columbus)

  • The Hacker Hacked (Lake)

Keywords: Computer Science , Hacking , Privacy , Surveillance , Tech Ethics