The Work-Family Imbalance

Work Family Imbalance

Source: Anand Iyer
Affiliation: TechCrunch

In this article, Anand Iyer discusses the importance of prioritizing work-family life balance, especially for fathers. Iyer presents research that findings that stress the importance of parents, especially fathers, spending more time with their children to promote their own happiness and the child's well-being. Iyer points out how low parental leave in the US and stigmas against fathers taking care of children can hinder this work-family life balance. Iyer recommends having regular family retrospectives to assess how things are going, and admits that while he doesn't have all the answers, he stresses the importance of wider conversations about work-family life balance.

Keywords: Computer Science , Happiness , Hierarchies of Work , Meaning of Work , Parenting , Tech Ethics , Tech Industry , Work/Life Balance