US military must prepare for POW concerns in the deepfake era

Us Must Prepare Pow For Deepfake Era

Source: Jan Kallberg and Col. Stephen Hamilton
Affiliation: C4ISRNET

This article describes the threat deepfakes present to prisoner of war situations. Previously, authoritarian regimes have tried to exploit American prisoners of war for propaganda gain through audio and video recordings and pictures of the prisoners of war. Recent advances in artificial intelligence have enabled the creation of deepfakes—hyper-realistic manipulated audio and video content that makes it appear that someone said or did something that they never actually did. The article discusses the two concerns regarding deepfakes and prisoners of war: the release of a POW deepfake to the public and the showing of deepfakes to POWs in order to manipulate them while they are in captivity.

Keywords: Computer Science , Deepfakes , Tech Ethics