Reading Quiz 11

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This reading quiz was used in the Ethical and Professional Issues course in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Notre Dame. The reading quiz covers the following readings:

  • What Happens When Employers Can Read Your Facial Expressions? (Selinger and Hartzog)

  • The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It (Hill)

  • As Cameras Track Detroit’s Residents, a Debate Ensues Over Racial Bias (Harmon)

  • Study finds gender and skin-type bias in commercial artificial-intelligence systems (Hardest)

  • Major camera company can sort people by race, alert police when it spots Uighurs (Bhuiyan)

  • How Facial Recognition Is Fighting Child Sex Trafficking (Simonite)

  • The Criminality From Face Illusion (Bowyer, King, Scheirer, and Vangara)

  • RETRACTED ARTICLE: Criminal tendency detection from facial images and the gender bias effect (Hashemi and Hall)

  • Responses to Critiques on Machine Learning of Criminality Perceptions (Wu and Zhang)

  • Physiognomy’s New Clothes (Aguera y Arcas, Mitchell, and Todorov)

  • A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job (Harwell)

  • Emotion AI researchers say overblown claims give their work a bad name (Chen and Hao)

  • Pitfalls in Machine Learning Research: Reexamining the Development Cycle (Biderman and Scheirer)

  • The Improbability Party (Kirn)

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence , Computer Science , Emotion Recognition , Facial Recognition , Physiognomy , Science Fiction , Tech Ethics